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LUBIENIETZ [LUBIENIECKI] - Theatrum cometicum, duabus partibus constans. 1. Quarum prior continet epistolas

Auteur : LUBIENIETZ Stanislaus de [Stanislaw LUBIENIECKI]


Amsterdam, D. Baccamude for F. Cuperus, 1668, 1666, 1668

3 parts in one volume folio ; contemporary gilt vellum, gilt and chiselled edges.
pp xxiv pages 966 [4]; [xii] 464; [iv] 78 [6], with three engraved frontispieces by Sebastian Stopendaal after M. Scheits, portrait of the author by L. Visschiius in part I, portrait of Joannes Ernestus de Rautenstein in part III, 81 engraved plates of constellations, diagrams of orbits, etc, many double page or folding, by Stopendaal, Gerardi, Gerritsz and others after M.C. Isenius and others.

First edition, large-paper.
Lubieniecki’s encyclopaedic treatise on comets contains a history of all known comets observed up to 1665. The first, and largest, part comprises Lubieniechi’s correspondence with 40 of the leading astronomers of his time, including Guericke, Hevelius and Schott, about the 1664-1665 comet.

The fine engravings consist of celestial maps showing the paths of comets and the figures of the constellations traversed. ‘Since each map represents the observations of a different astronomer, taken together they illustrate the variety of cartographic traditions popular during the seventeenth century. On many of the maps the choices of constellations, of constellation style, and of constellation names are strongly reminiscent of the celestial globes of Blaeu and Hondius. Several other maps carry the Judaeo-Christian constellations introduced by Plancius. From Rome, Kircher sent a map derived from those of Grienberger. On only a few maps are the stars identified by Bayer letters. None of the maps reflects any of the traditions popular during the previous century’ (Warner, The sky explored, p 164).

Provenance: from the famous library of the mathematician Michel Chasles, with his engraved bookplate Ex Bibliotheca Michaelis Chasles Acad. Scientiar. Soch. Slight tear to 2 sheets, without lack.
Brunet III, p. 1194

Stanislaw Lubieniecki (Rakow 1623 – Hamburg 1675) is a Polish aristocrat, astronomer, historian and writer. Because of his religious beliefs, he was deported from Poland and found refuge in Hamburg. He studied astronomy and in particular the study of comets. On top of his Theatrum Cometicum, he is also known for his Historia Reformationis Polonicae.


Librairie Monsieur le Prince, vente de livres rares et precieux, estampes, photographies et dessins originaux. - RCS Bobigny A379064736